Lake Cushman

Lake Cushman is a 10 mile long reservoir nestled in the foothills of Olympic National Park. The original 400 acre lake was a fishing area for the Twana Indians. When BF Shaw discovered the lake in 1852, he named it for the governor's Indian interpreter, Orrington Cushman. At the turn of the century, the lake was famous as a fishing and hunting paradise. Visitors were transported by stagecoach from the nearest town of Hoodsport to the lakeside resorts. With the completion of the dam by the City of Tacoma in 1926, the size of the lake increased to 4000 acres. In it's time, the dam was known as an engineering marvel.



A roadside viewpoint just south of The Moose House





From the north end of the lake looking south.





View from the road to Mount Ellinor.



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