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Reservation and Rental Agreement – Terms and Conditions


Today’s Date ___________     Reservation Name _________________________________

Date of Arrival ___________After 3:00 PM      Date of Departure _____________ By 12:00 PM

Address _____________________________ City ____________________   State_____ Zip ________ 

Cell Phone#__________________    Home Phone#____________________

Do You Have a Boat?  Yes____   No____     (If Yes, Add $10 for each 3-Day Boat Pass)

Rental Rate $ _______ + Boat Passes______ + Deposit  $ _______  = Total Rental Fee$___________

I am renting The Moose House for _____ adults and _____ children and understand the maximum occupancy is 6, including children, unless otherwise arranged with owner.


No guests in excess of the number specified above shall occupy the property without authorization from the owner.  Guests in excess of the reserved number will result in immediate eviction from the property and loss of any remaining rent and deposit.  $150 Deposit is due within 10 days of original reservation date.  First half of rental rate is due 30 days prior to arrival, 2nd half of  rental rate is due 1 week prior to arrival. If reservations are made 14 days or less prior to arrival, the full rental fee amount is due when reservation is made.


Security, Damage & Cleaning Deposit:  In order to keep our rates down, the Moose House has a “leave it as clean as you find it” policy.  The owner shall give an itemized statement for retaining any of the deposit, together with any refund payment within 14 days after termination of contract and vacating of premises.  Any portion of the deposit retained by the owner is conditioned as follows:

  1. Resident shall clean and restore the premises to its initial condition, except for reasonable wear and tear, upon the termination of this tenancy and/or check-out from premises.  Damage to property will be charged at cost of repair.  Theft of property will be charged at cost of missing item.  Any extra cleaning necessary after check-out will be charged at a rate of $20 per hour.
  2. At time of check-out, resident shall leave 2 keys where they were originally found.   Any missing key will be charged at a rate of $50 each.  (Because of the need to change the locks)
  3. Resident shall leave Reusable Car Guest Pass on kitchen counter at time of check-out.  Missing passes will be charged at a rate of $150.  (Fees totaling owner’s costs while dealing with missing pass will be applied for returned Pass)


Smoking and Pets: WE DO NOT ALLOW SMOKING (except outside) and WE DO NOT ALLOW PETS.


Minimum Age:  Minimum age of renter who signs contract is 21 years or older – unless otherwise arranged with owner.


No Parties:  No loud and unruly tenants will be tolerated.  Our home is in a quiet area and we must maintain the neighborhood feeling in order to continue offering our home to guests.  Complaints from neighbors and/or excessive noise are grounds for eviction without refund.


Lost and Found:  Personal items left behind by tenant will be held until owner is able to retrieve them.  Tenants will be billed for the cost of mailing items back.


Cancellations:  Reservations cancelled 31 days or more prior to the scheduled arrival date will be charged $25.  Reservations cancelled 30 days or less prior to the scheduled arrival date will forfeit amount already paid unless owner can find a comparable substitute tenant – in which case, all but $25 will be refunded.


Tenant agrees to hold Owner harmless from any liability arising from injury to person or damage to unit caused by act or omission of Tenant or Tenant’s guests.  Tenant who signs agreement is responsible for their own actions as well as the actions of all their guests.  Tenant and Tenant’s guests agree to obey all rules of The Moose House as well as all rules of the Lake Cushman Community Parks.

I have read and agree to rent the above mentioned rental property on the basis and conditions set forth above.


Signature____________________________________     Date_____________________


Send signed agreement and Payment to: 

Peggy Gleason          475 Hornet Ct. N,   Keizer,   OR  97303      Or Fax To:   503-946-3103

Web:   www.themooshouse.com      Email:   themoosehouse@hotmail.com     Phone:  503-393-6397